Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

Either as a requirement from the Ministry of Energy, for the fulfilment of requirements with banks or for internal policy, the development of a Social Impact Assessment is extremely useful to get to know the communities that suffer impacts from a project.

Social, economic and cultural factors are considered for a better understanding of the project’s influence on society. This tool also determines the impacts and mitigation measures to be implemented.

All our Social Impact Assessments comply with national and international legislation.

We have worked on the following Social Impact Assessments:

  • 14 for wind farms
  • 10 for solar parks
  • 3 for hydroelectric infrastructure
  • 7 for cogeneration centrals
  • 1 for an internal combustion central
  • 4 for a waste-generated electricity central
  • 2 for Oil & Gas extraction camps (soil)
  • 2 for Oil & Gas extraction camps (water)
  • 3 for gas pipelines
  • 4 for gas stations
  • 1 for a gas storage terminal
  • 1 for a dam
  • 1 for a mining project